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PRODUCTSRecycle Kraft Paper
BF16 to 24 BF.
GSM Range70,80,90,100,120,130,150,180,200,250,300.
Moisture6% to 8%
Deckle Machine3.85 Meters
Form of finished ProductReel
End UsersCorrugated Boxes, Mono Cartons, Paper tubes, Paper cones, Paper bags.
Capacity60,000 metric tons annually
Our products
  • Lighter GSM paper – used for Paper bags, Wrapping paper.
  • Fluting paper – used for all types of Corrugation boxes and Mono Cartons.
  • Test Liner or High RCT paper – used for high strength corrugation containers and boxes.
  • Core and Cone board paper – used for core pipes , paper cones, paper tubes and angle board.

Paper bags

Wrapping paper

Corrugation boxes

Mono Cartons

corrugation boxes


core pipes

paper cones

paper tubes

angle board